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Our goal is encourage people of all ages to experience wellness. The body is a combination of body, mind and spirit. When you nurture all three of these consistently, you will experience wellness. 
Vivien Hoyt, our founder, is a Recreation Therapist and has worked with the senior population for over 20 years bringing joy and wellness to seniors lives.  She does this by incorporating music therapy, exercise, meditation, pet therapy and leisure activities.

Through her experience she has learned that recreation and leisure activities need to be fun in order for people to thrive.  Due to the popularity of her exercise classes, she filmed some exercise videos in outdoor, sunny California with great music and a little dog in the background.  The videos inspire you to move and thrive.

Please view the rest of our website to see all that we offer.  We have exercise classes, exercise videos, music therapy, pet therapy, sailing charter trips and other leisure activities.