Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Wellness Through the Ages understands how music therapy heals us on many levels.  We offer sing-a-longs for seniors as well as a five piece band to entertain for special events.  Vivien Hoyt, will lift the spirits of your residents with her guitar, voice and pet bird.  Seniors love to reminisce and sing familiar tunes.  This enhances memory and sense of community.  Some of the familiar tunes include:  Tennessee Waltz, Que Sera Sera, Beer Barrel Polka, Goodnight Ladies, Goodnight Irene, and I left My Heart in San Francisco.

Call us today to book an event:  (707) 939-8691

If you have a special event and want a full band, go to:

Our repertoire includes over 300 songs depending on the special event.  We play for weddings, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas Parties, Outdoor Barbecues and dinner/dances, etc.

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